HWG is ready to help you expanding your presence in Latin America. 

Want to learn more how? 



For those companies, funds, organizations, Venture builders that want to get connected to the startup eco system in order to bring a fresh air and innovations opportunities. HWG has the right solution for you. 


Looking for a partner to expand safely in the Latin America market? Apart from our standard solutions, HWG can create a  tailor made service just for you. 

Just contact us a let us know what you have in mind. 



We believe in Innovation Sharing to Disrupt the Prosperity Gap !

We are specialized in the Latin American market, empowering the next generation of disruptive businesses in the region, and helping our clients to identify and develop business opportunities across multiple markets. 


We support co-founders, business leaders, project sponsors, venture builders and investors in high impact projects that contribute to their growth plans and to the advancement of sustainable development goals.  We work with companies and Startups across different industries, mainly but not limited to:

  • Health Tech

  • Agro Tech

  • Ed Tech

  • Energy Tech

  • Marketing Tech

  • Social Impact Tech businesses/projects

Our HQ for LATAM is in São Paulo, Brazil and we have associate consultants in other countries in Latin America and Europe.  

To make this possible we work with innovative startups and well establish companies focussing on two main solutions streams:

1. Our expansion solution stream helps innovative startups with their expansion strategy across multiple markets from / to Latin America. 

2. Our Startup hunting & mining solution stream helps companies, venture builders, accelerators, investors and enterprises by connecting them to the startup ecosystem to identify growth, digital transformation and innovation opportunities. 

We are passionate by connecting the next disruptive generation and love to work with this in our mind every day!



Write us, schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and identify the best way to help you with your investment/growth plans and competitive strategy.

Nações Unidas Tower, 12495 

Nações Unidas Avenue, 15th floor

SP, São Paulo, 04578-000, Brazil

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