Expansion Solution

Our expansion solution is dedicated to help innovative startups with their expansion/growth strategy across multiple markets from / to Latin America:


After a deep analysis of your Startup and expansion needs, based on your answers to our discovery form (access HERE), we will schedule a short on-line or off-line conversation to discuss more details and to identify the main topics and potential deliverables from our side.


After defined our service agreement, we will develop a list and action plan to approach, qualify and validate potential Venture Builders, Investors Network and/or Innovation Hubs in the market, maximizing your competitive advantage and finding the best strategy for a fast expansion: Including identifying legal, commercial and technical requirements, suggestions for market segmentation, pricing strategy, infrastructure and sales channels, plus key suppliers and core team definitions.


We will support and/or coordinate technical and financial due diligence and the negotiation of commercial terms and the signal agreement. 


Is our commitment to support you in all your success path from your expansion strategy design to your consolidation in the new market.


We are more than happy to find and develop new strategic partnerships, search for investors and other service providers that might be appropriate for each stage on your growth plans.

Startups Hunting and Mining Solution

Our innovation hunting and mining of startups opportunities solution was designed to help companies, venture builders, accelerators, investors and enterprises in establish and deploy an Innovation strategy to boost their business:


a.     To Corporate Innovation Strategy:  our solution starts with an assessment to identify topics of concerns, your needs and agree about the best course of action;


b.     To Investors and/or Venture Builders:  we will start with a clear definition about your investment plan, understanding your investor profile and validates your interests, so HWG develops a list and action plan to approach potential Startups. 


We start with a deep analysis of your needs that could be share with us in this form (access HERE) Then we suggest a course of action and a how to guide for the  implementation. Then HWG approaches, qualifies and validates potential Startups aligned with your interests and profile. 

We have partnerships with Universities, Accelerators, Angels, Incubators and other members of the Startup community allowing us to go deep and find the right startups to partner with you.

Contact us, we are ready to support you during all your Open Innovation  or Startup Hunting Strategy implemention. 

Tailor-made Solution

If none of this service resonate with your needs or if you need a mix of our services please contact us, we are ready to prepare a tailor-made solution just for you.

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